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 AI EVA makes investing easy


How to make saving and investing accessible and simple enough for everybody?

Investing does not come naturally to people in the Republic of South Africa due to lack of trust in financial institutions. However, due to high inflation, the value of savings diminishes significantly every year. Qualified financial advisory is only accessible to a limited group of affluent people while standard banking forms and information are incomprehensible for the rest. Financial literacy is crucial for people to be able to make informed decisions in order to secure theirs and their family’s future, but proper education in this subject is missing.

NGI decided to start building people's trust in financial services, educate them and help them to start investing for their retirement, children’s education and other needs.

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In only 4 months, we created a digital investment advisor platform, featuring a smart chatbot EVA, that can be used by all customers regardless of their financial literacy.

Eva asks customers simple questions in a language that everyone understands. Based on their answers it sets up the most fitting investment portfolio and manages their investment cleverly over time. All information is presented on a well-arranged dashboard which is easy to understand and enables the customer to take action if needed. The trip to the bank to fill out a number of forms is replaced by an extraordinary simplified digital onboarding process which takes just a few minutes to complete and is completely paper-free.


We navigated 4 months of development through effectively blending our methods of extensive research and human-centered design with the expertise of the NGI team.

  1. Research to identify real customer needs:
    • We learned that potential customers don’t understand the questions asked during the enrollment process.
    • Existing clients would appreciate improving the management of the investment account.
  2. Simplification of the onboarding process:
    • We limited the number of questions to a necessary minimum.
    • We transformed a complex advisory process into a sla streamlined dialogue flow.
    • We enabled fully digital onboarding.
  3. Improvement of the investment account management:
    • We created a dashboard with a complete overview, predictions, and added functions to adjust the investments in a few clicks.
  4. Prototype testing:
    • We designed the dialogue to present a maximum of four options at a time and to give the possibility to click on an answer rather than type it out. We also offered the feature of guessing a customer’s age from a photo.
  5. Automation of back-office:
    • Not only did we improve the journey for customers, but we also did so for the bank. We designed a way of data processing and generating investment plans using machine learning. So it only gets better and better in time.

Enrian role

  • Business solution design
  • UX/UI design with the collaborating agency
  • Dialogue flow design
  • Front End delivery, integration
  • Agile rollout
  • Support and maintenance
  • Overall project coordination
Enrian team
~ 0
Total team
Project length
(4 months of app development
4 additional months of preparations to go live)


Fully digital onboarding

Customers don’t need to go to the bank or send forms and contracts by mail.

No complicated form, just a chat

EVA will ask you all the right questions and help you with the answers. And it can guess your age from a photo.

Start investing in 7 minutes

People get their personal plan with performance, cost savings and tax benefits.

Clever investment management

Regular expert tips, updates, and real-time overview help customers to keep their investment on track to meet their goals.

0% errors as a result of the administration

The whole process is much easier not only for customers but also for NGI staff.

83% of clients acquired by EVA are new to NGI

Customers appreciate the simplicity of onboarding and the transparency of the service.

The Banker Tech Award 2018

A project of the Year 2018 in the category Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards 2018

Finalist in the EMEA region presented at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona.

Martin Němec
Senior delivery lead

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