Sato: #tabletadvisor which will make even you want to visit a branch and save


How to convince people that savings make sense?

We all know that we should continuously create the necessary financial reserve. But who actually has it? And is it worthy at all?

In 2015, Slovenská sporiteľňa saw an opportunity and decided to teach people why and how to save. After all, who else should do this than the largest savings expert in Slovakia.

And then this amazing thing happened...

screen from Tabletadvisor application


In four months, we've created SATO #TabletAdvisor – an app for tablets used by branch advisors to explain to their clients how much they can save and why they should do it. Clients can add information themselves and track changes. Visiting the branch all of a sudden is not a passive event, but active cooperation to improve their future. The application is web-based, which enables connection to other banking systems and runs simultaneously on the tablet and computer for easy collaboration between the client and the advisor.

screen from Tabletadvisor application


The project went smoothly, using - for the first time in the bank's history - an agile and truly human-centered approach.

With our help, the IT and Business teams from the bank have come together:

  1. to interview clients and identify their needs,
  2. to design a solution;
  3. to test and modify the solution after each iteration and make it completely understandable and easy to use for clients and advisors.

In the meantime, we have also introduced a brand new technical background for the bank and selected and taught their developers a new technology stack. As a result, they continuously develop the application and expand its use.

screen from Tabletadvisor application

Enrian role

  • Introduction of an agile development process
  • Participation in the introduction of a human-centered design approach led by a top management consulting firm
  • Regular UX/UI testing with a collaborating agency
  • Iterative changes
  • Agile rollout
  • Support and maintenance
  • Overall project coordination
Enrian team
Total team
Project length


Clients of Slovenská sporiteľňa started saving

The Bank has not only achieved its ambitious goals in increasing deposits, but it has also even exceeded them significantly.

The bank launched a brand new sales channel - the tablet

And thanks to an easy-to-use application, they made the bank's visits not only meaningful but also engaging. Moreover, the solution is still improving!

They have successfully started their digital transformation

By teaching IT and business departments to talk to each other and introducing new processes, they can quickly create innovative digital solutions.

Jakub Goláň
Engagement manager

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Client: Slovenská sporiteľňa

Slovenská sporiteľňa is the largest commercial bank in Slovakia. The leader in the area of total assets, credits, and client's deposits with a well-deserved position on the market as the trustworthy savings expert.

  • No. 1
    In total assets, retail loans and deposits
  • 240+
  • 2.2 million

Its history dates back to 1821 when the first branch in Levoča was established. In 2001, the bank joined one of the largest Central European banking groups - Erste Group. Since 2011, Slovenská sporiteľňa has already six times won the Euromoney Awards for Excellence as the best bank in Slovakia and also holds the titles of The Banker and TREND TOP: The Bank of the year 2019.