How we work

Digital solutions

Building on your ideas

We evaluate innovation opportunities and build enterprise-grade digital solutions starting from just an idea, not from specs. To cut the red tape, we work directly with our clients' top management teams while being hands-on anywhere it matters to get things done. We like the thrill of running against short-term deadlines.

Performace indicators

Sharing risks (and gains)

We prefer to link our compensation to specific performance indicators of our clients’ business or even to become financial partners in their ventures. This helps us stay flexible and able to re-focus on what brings the most value. Even if it is something extra or completely different from the original plan.

Senior business adn tech skils

Blending and adapting

We mix senior business and tech skills as peers to boost creativity, combining business advisory practices with the most modern techniques and technology tools for digital solution design and delivery.

During the projects we continuously adapt our approach, focus and team configuration to maximise the final result.