We design and deliver

business-technology solutions to support new product launch, multi-channel/digital sales, monitoring of operations, or risk management.

We work directly with top management teams of our clients. We help them reach their goals not only via business-solution design and end-to-end technology delivery, but also by overcoming the limitations in their organization, accelerating internal decision-making, and guiding other vendors.

What makes Enrian

We prefer to work against short and non-moveable deadlines and to link our compensation to specific business-performance indicators.

This allows us to stay very flexible regarding the scope of our work and, if needed, to re-focus on what brings the highest value. Even if it is something additional or different than originally planned. It also keeps us motivated to deliver high-quality solution in the shortest time possible.

We love to leverage technologies and tools that allow fast design and delivery

We use Ruby on Rails, Angular, Polymer, Bootstrap, and others that fit our style. And we are open to more.

We are also passionate about capturing, incubating, and launching new business ideas based on IT. That is why we break all traditional team setups by intensively exposing those who know technology to the business issues and vice-versa. Everybody can contribute to the best final result.

That is the Enrian way.

Join us

Enrico Scopa


Milan SameŇ°


Enrian Partners team is made of very experienced professionals coming from hi-tech, banking, telecom, system integrators, top management consulting, and startup community.

It was established in 2014 by Milan Sames, former President of Ness Europe, and Enrico Scopa, former McKinsey Partner in Central Europe.