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Perks & Benefits

  • Opportunity to work in a fast-paced, agile, business-driven software engineering culture with cool colleagues (most of them are Star Wars fans and different kinds of geeks and tech enthusiasts)
  • A place in our comfortable office in a great location in Prague (Náměstí Míru)
  • Macbook Pro for work and personal use
  • Flexible working hours & home office
  • Employee mobile tariff with unlimited minutes and generous data allowance
  • Paid 5 weeks of holidays, sick days
  • Multisport card
  • Coffee and refreshments in the kitchen
  • Using English on a daily basis, communication with people from different countries
  • Traveling abroad to interesting destinations (if desired)

What you will find

Business and IT together

Enrian Partners is a playground for technology and business talents working together and having a good time.

A place for professional growth, working with experienced and motivated people.

No red tape

We have no rigid processes or crazy waiting times for things to start moving.

You don’t have to wait 18 months to get more responsibility and more excitement.

You just have to ask for it and earn it.

A place to shape

We are evolving very fast, you can help shape the future from your first day.

You are encouraged to introduce any piece of technology or business idea that we have no clue about.

And you can learn something new from experienced colleagues.

Our people stories


I always wanted to shape the place I work at. In Enrian, I finally can. We are a young company with a small team. Every opinion is heard and everyone is encouraged to bring new ideas and try new things. If you spend countless hours at work, this work had better be fun, interesting and meaningful. In Enrian, it is.


I came to Enrian from the startup world. Startups run very quickly towards their goals and use the newest approaches possible. That said, I still feel so much more fresh air in Enrian! This company keeps up with the latest and greatest, while being wise as an old man. When asking what Enrian is, imagine wizards who see behind all corners, but use electric skateboards to move faster.


I have spent a lot of time in long calls and meetings, struggling with paperwork every time I wanted to change something. That’s not how we do it in Enrian. Enrian means rapid change, integrity instead of policies, and most of all, passion for what we do. I love it!


I want to work with people I like, respect, and trust. I’m passionate about improving human action through technology. And I’m too tired of all the red tape usually blocking the way. Therefore, having the opportunity to build and shape Enrian Partners into a place for people with similar spirit is just plain awesome.

Senior iOS Developer, Innovator, Photographer - Canada

At Enrian I’ve found my “NASA tribe”: bright, driven, interested in technologies, and willing to take chances. Enrian is an international world-class experienced group of business and technical innovators.


I never wanted to have just one role, do one thing over and over again, be categorized. In Enrian, I can participate in multiple projects and fit into different roles. I'm using the latest technologies I want and I have lots space to grow.


At Enrian we operate in friendly environment where we trust and help each other. There is a huge pool of experts in every area imaginable so if you are facing any problem there is always someone to learn from. One of the greatest things is that we are encouraged to work on things we like and to take responsibility for them.


In Enrian I found warm, supporting colleagues and friends with similar hobbies, passion for technology and interesting ideas and stories. Finally I can work with technologies I like in real life applications and learn many more by using them, not just in theoretical environment.


Enrian is a place where I feel my time is not wasted.


Sometimes when we first visit a client and meet with the people we usually see suspicions and hesitation. However, their attitude changes when they realize that we are not a usual consulting firm and that we are there to genuinely help them thus leading to a much more fruitful cooperation on a personal and professional level.

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