Our values

All we do allows our clients to succeed more than they thought possible. We work with the truly driven who are capable of making a difference. We work together in such a way that we enjoy it. We make no compromises on transparency, honesty & fairness.

Upholding our values is a daily challenge and we won’t lie, it is really hard.

Nevertheless, they are a reliable compass leading our steps. They are the ultimate help and guide when taking both small and big decisions on the uncertain and turbulent journey of entrepreneurship. We do not consider our values an ethically comfortable list of good intentions. For us, they are the fundamental instrument for running our business.

Every time we forgot our values, we paid for it. When we ran projects we did not enjoy, we failed. When we did not put enough emphasis and energy into having the “wow” effect with our clients, we lost the chance to be compensated financially as much as planned. When, under pressure of another business opportunity, we compromised on the drive and capabilities of our collaborators (and of the clients we agreed to work with), we had to try twice as hard to get things done properly and in time.

Looking back, our most successful jobs were the ones where we respected our values firmly:

We take these four values seriously, we expect the same from all our collaborators and seek the same with the clients we work with.

Enrian Partners was established in 2014 by Milan Sameš, former President of Ness Europe, and Enrico Scopa, former McKinsey Partner.